Monday, December 12, 2011


1. How long is a year on Uranus? A year on Uranus is the same as (equivalent) to 84 earth years
2. How many hours shorter is a day on Uranus than a day on earth?7 hours
3. Describe the discovery and naming of Uranus.
Uranus was named Georgium Sidus(the georgian star)after the English king, George III. after it was renamed Uranus to match the names of the other planets.
4. Uranus was the first planet to be discovered by.....(a) the unaided eye
5.Who was Uranus in mythology? Ouranos was the god of the sky and husband of Gaia(mother Earth)
6. What do you think is the most interesting thing about Uranus?The mythology about Ouranos being the god of the sky and Gaia being mother earth

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Multiple Intelligence's Quiz

Today we took an MI Quiz so we could be aware of our Intelligence's and how good they are. This is the aftermath of my test and to me I think it's pretty good

Friday, October 28, 2011

My Holiday(In a Truck)

My ears were feeling a bit def after the speakers in the truck were blasting. The heat was to hot to bear then I finally figured to roll down the window. As my hearing slowly faded,I thought why is it so loud on my side so then I balanced the radio because it was all on the left, then my ears weren't feeling so sore.

On the way down from Auckland I5 stared out the window at all the traffic. It was miles long and nearly all the cars had all black and the french flag’s on them, there were people waving their teams colours out the window. The road trip so far was pretty cool.

As we progress towards Taupo I started to get hungry, so then I tell the driver A.K.A my dad to pull over. We had stopped in a small town called putaruru.The smell of fish n chips filled my nose I immediately pointed to the fish n chip special that was hanging from the wall. “and a burger” I said as my siliver was about to wash the floor. I was hungry as and couldn't even wait. My eyes were watching every single order that the lady was giving people,then after a while we heard “2 hamburgers and a special 7” I rushed to the counter and collected our feed.

Jumping back into the truck I unravel the package and the smell wafted freely through the rig. Within ten minutes I demolished the burger scoffed down the fritters and chips, after another ten minutes I was stuffed and every little bump on the road was agonizing for my stomach. It was like every bump in the road matched the rhythm of the song.

My stomach started to calm down and then I could enjoy the ride. Before I knew it we were 10km away from Taupo. I looked around at all the trees and bush it was like a Forest, I thought to myself “gangster this is mean as” coming from Auckland I'm used to being around buildings but out here its all tree. We reached our Pitt stop in Taupo. What’s this place i asked my dad, “eah where in stag park” he replied showing off. Coz he’s already been here heaps of times in the past.

I jumped out of the truck (Freightliner Argosy) and wondered straight into the little diner restaurant and slided $1.00 into the arcade machine. After losing in a circuit race i hopped off and kicked the game. After a little while my dads other truck driver arrived and they swapped trailers. We were loaded up and ready to go,climbing back into the truck I waited for my dad. He started up the engine and we drove off through the park. Glaring out the window I spotted this big rich Hilton motel with colourful lights touching the outside probably inside to.

Our next destination was to be back in Auckland at a frozen and chilled company called Provida Manukau. I don't even know if we went there because i was fast asleep in the back. “Oi get up” a screaming voice yells at me. I got up and stretched,looked around and oh, we’re back home.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Maths whizz

This is a little snapshot of my progress in my maths whizz. I have to continue learning shapes because I always forget the names and what the shapes are called

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Liam Messam

Liam Messam played in the super 14 chiefs he also played for Waikato in the air New Zealand cup. He was the 2nd leading try scorer in the 2006 air New Zealand cup. He plays as a loose forward.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My learning goal

My movie is about my learning and how i can improve writing,understanding and reading properly. Hope you enjoy my movie thank you.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The ferocious wind

At 3:00 pm on the north shore a huge, terrifying tornado struck in the heart of Albany. It hit and carried heavy things and threw them metres, even miles away. Buildings, cars, trucks, trampolines and even roofs. The tornado was very tragic as people shopping there didn’t expected anything like that to take place. This tremendous tornado was like a washing machine but the power was much stronger.
A man doing his job,trying to fix a roof was picked up and thrown miles away. He was described to be around the age of thirties and a Philippine . He was pummeled and slammed against a wall, sadly he didn’t survive and died on the scene.
In a town where this type of thing is nowhere near common the Philippine mans wife and kids would have been very distraught to hear about their dad and husbands death. This terrifying ordeal was a terrible event.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Trip to the shop

“Nahh” my little brother sulked as he desperately tried to keep the door from closing, because he knew that if the door slammed shut and the lock flicked close he would have to stay home. Sadly his plea didn’t work.

Me and my mum quickly hopped in the car and speed off down the road to the shops. As we reached the shops my mum jumped out of the car. She went into the dairy and came out with a fizzy drink, pie, chips and some Milo. She came back into the car and we drove back home.
Sometimes my little brother can be a little drama queen. This one little trip to the shop was a huge mission because of my brother.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Monday, March 28, 2011

Point England Values.

As part of Point England school we have Values. Our Group The Titans Have Selected a Value and This value is Learning, Hope you enjoy.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tech at Tamaki

As we assembled on the streets of G.I a sea of year 7 & 8 students scattered all over struggled to listen and sit down. After quite a while we finally got organized and started making our way to Tamaki College. Marching towards our destination I did’nt know what to expect knowing that this was my first time at tech.”What will we be doing” was all i could say as we approached Tamaki college.

As soon as we arrived we I took one look around at all the college students quickly scrambling to their next class. I went to my class which was science along with other students, I started wondering what my teacher was going to be like and what his name is. I stepped foot inside and It took me till the middle of of class to figure his name out.

The first thing we did when i found a table and sat down was look up at this huge board[to try and see what they did the last week]. Soon I knew what was going on and I started to listen to the teacher[I was already listening anyway].We all got one piece of paper each and we were talking about keeping clean and eating the right food. We all thought of a lot of ideas but most of them were from the week before and I didn’t know what they were.

Now it’s time to take a little break. We got to have a little drink then it was straight back to class. Walking back into our room we all saw these pieces of rubbish scattered over our tables. Everyone was thinking and saying”why is there rubbish on the tables”. Through the wide open door with the wind blowing in comes our teacher. He told us to look on the back for the energy on the back of the packets[all of the packets of rubbish were food and some were drinks].

All of us quickly scanned the back of the packets searching for the energy amount. While we were racing to find how much energy was in each packet,our teacher was writing on the white board. He was making a chart to see what food had the most energy.We all read our packets to him and he wrote them up on the board. Once we were finished he told us to roll up our papers and we can go.

My first day at tech wasn't that cool but I”m sure the next one will be better.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Devastating earthquake

On the 23rd of February a huge terrifying event took place. In the heart of Christchurch is where it all began. Everyone in the city was living their normal life when all of a sudden a huge shake. What I mean by huge shake is EARTHQUAKE!. It was only 12.51 pm when the quake started to really do damage. Buildings collapsed cars were trapped even the icon of the city was destroyed. Yes the almighty cathedral was demolished and it only had one way to go once it was struck,that was down. The earthquake was 6.3 magnitude and was 5 km deep. Fear fulled the bodies of those who were close or underneath a building that was about to cave in. Luckily some managed to escape and some not lucky.The confirmed death toll is 75 but it is still climbing and there are over one hundred injured.After the earthquake the damage the quake left was devastating .