Friday, August 24, 2012

Cross Country

Friday the 17th of August a normal day of boring writing, reading and maths work... NOT!. Today was the day Pt England School were participating in the annual Cross Country.

Anticipating the race I gradually walked around as if I was listening to no one then “Shawn sit down” the teacher Ms M said killing my buzz. I took a seat and observed the little kids run their race and I saw a little kid in my house Tainui come 3rd. All the house captains of Matatua, Takitimu, Te arawa and Tainui started doing their chants. It was almost like they were all going to have a massive scrap (fight) because they were all screaming at the top of their lungs. Filled with confidence and excitement I stood up and did some stretches with the boys.

Before I knew it my age group 13 got called up to compete. Our race just a heartbeat away began with  “On Your Marks...Set...GO..!”. We took off some of us, I stayed behind jogging with some of my friends coming last. Then as I rounded the corner my house captain Tokorima said “hurry up Shawn” as he waited for me at the 3rd bend. We jogged together on the grass/mud and we trailed behind some people and eventually ran past them. As we went past the 6th corner I was kind of amazed because we had only been running for what seemed like 5 minutes. I was covered in mud as high as my knees.

After getting past the mud and wet stuff I thought that was the worst the dirt was going to get, but this was not to be. My jogging partner Toko kept on running as I stopped and urged him on. After leaving the grass for the gravel my pace started to pick up as I found that it was easier running on concrete than grass. I also found out that the mud and muck was nothing compared to the big puddles that lay upon the track.

Running on the footpath and walking through the puddles, trailing the leaders I managed to catch a glimpse of the watery scenery amongst the hills. Finally overcoming the stoney footpath I boosted it into the bush walk. I started running fast and I bumped into two 12 year old girls. Then as I looked back and positioned my head back to the front I hit face first into a tree ricocheting into another one. Whilst rubbing my head I continued running and found myself halfway through the bush walk by Tamaki College. Mrs Squires told me to go that way pointing to the 2nd part of the bush’s.

I ran for what seemed like my fastest until I finished the bushwalk. Mr Barks was waiting at the end of the bushwalk as a marshall directing me around the corner to do 1 final lap of the field before hitting the home straight and running past the finishing line, stopping the torture.

As I stopped and walked over to the hard courts for a drink and to wash my shoes my body felt like I didn’t run anything it just felt heavy and lazy. The school cross country for me wasn’t too bad just the tree hitting part of my adventure I didn’t like. After running 3.5km I liked my position of 7th overall.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt is a legendary living olympic athlete that every one knows and loves. The 25 year old races in the 100 and 200 metre sprints representing his country Jamaica. In 2008 he competed in the 100 metre sprints and smashed the world record and replacing it with his new one of 9.69s. He is known for his upset world record breaking win in beijing, propelling him to the title of “Fastest man in the world”.This year the olympic games were held in London england.

In London 2012 he raced his heats and won the rights to compete in the quarter finals, he continued his roll and moved up to the grand final for 100 metre and 200 metre. He once again won the 100 metre race and 200 claiming the gold medal.

Usain Bolt ran with the Jamaican team for the 4x100 relay. They broke the world record.