Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rumbling Earth

As earth rotates the plates of the world shift from position all the time. Even though we cant feel the plates moving they travel very slowly forming Earth quakes that create Tsunamis. Earth quakes could even be a sign that a volcano is about to erupt. If a volcano does erupt it would be havoc for a near by town or city. A Earth quake forms mountains cracks and holes in the ground,one part of the earth goes down and the other up, earth quakes,volcanos,and tsunamis are very very dangerous


Awhina said...

Hi Shawn

You already have a story about rumbling earth. i really like your blogspot.I hope you do more story's and be very good a active earth.


Kayde said...

Cool paragraph Shawn! Effective adjectives! Yes tsunami's are very dangerous and so to Earth-Quakes and volcanoe's.

From Kayde.