Monday, May 17, 2010

Clevland Cavaliers

Cleavland's all star Lebron James(RIGHT) left the Cavaliers after they lost to the Boston Celtics 85-94. Its unofficial if Lebron James is going to sign with the Los Angela's Lakers. But if he does, the Lakers coach Mike Brown would be extremely happy, and all the Lakers players would be honored, to have play alongside Lebron James as a team member. All the best to him and his next team "come on man LAKERS! LAKERS! LAKERS!".

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Manaiakalani said...

Hi there, I have some news for you! I have been in Cleveland for the past week and all the talk has been of Le Bron. Even at church on Sunday the minister spent ages taking about what he would do. So when the news came through that he had signed with Florida everyone was very sad and lots of people said they were going to get rid of their Le Bron t-shirts! Mr Burt and I went to see his house. We stood outside and took photos :)
See you after the holidays
Mrs Burt
Cleveland Ohio