Friday, June 25, 2010

Traveling experience

Arriving at the airport,the jet engines sound throughout the hall. Adrenaline rush is all I fell as the plane gets closer and closer,I look up and glance at the massive machine sitting right in front of me. I wonder am I really going on a plane.

Before I know it I'm stepping foot inside the air craft and taking my last stare at Auckland soil, I'm all strapped in and in the air but I look out the small glass window on the side and see nothing but clouds,floating around in the sky and the painful sun stunning my eyes as the rays continue to burn.

The ferocious engines begin to slow and the plane lower,as the sunsets and where about to move in on the ground. As the doors open I unblock my ears and patiently wait for pedestrians to cross the huge bridge. I head downstairs and examine the rotating carousel. Collecting the bags took ages because there were over one hundred people.

I finally found and retrieved my heavy bags and managed to make it to the exit. I slowly walked out of the door but my sister wasn't there. My brother was waiting for me and my sister,but she was already outside looking for my brother,but he was right in front of me. "Hurry up" he said laughing at my sister .

Ten minutes later and we were at my older brothers house. I thought traveling to Christchurch was a huge experience for me and it was pretty cool.

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