Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Ab sailing

Nervously walking to the huge wall, I saw the sheer face which we were going to be Ab sailing on. As one instructor ascended, the other was telling us that contact was important. Watching the instructor carefully didn’t take much nervousness away because I knew I had to do it soon .

Before I knew it, it was my turn to attempt and conquer the straight wall. Walking up I could almost feel my heart shaking, I was so freaked. Getting to the top depleted my confidence, because ten seconds from reaching the high thing I already had to take my stance on the end of the wall.

My body shook and my shoes slipped I thought the rope was going to snap or something. Going down the wall boosted my self confidence, the more momentum I gained the faster i went down then finally my feet touched the ground.

“Yeah I’m finished”!!! those words screamed inside me.

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Unaloto said...

I guess you really enjoyed ab sailing,
Keep up the Great work Shawn.
From Unaloto