Friday, March 2, 2012


On Friday the 24 of February Pt England school got ready to go to the Pt England reserve for a wonderful day at our picnic. In the morning the whole school got into their class lines and sat in a row in the hall, awaiting the principle Mr Burts arrival. As the big catastrophe in the hall was going on the teachers were checking to see if every pupil had a hat. The teachers were equipped with school hats and prepared to give them to the people that didn't. Mr Burt got us all to quieten down so that he could speak, he said his words about how he wanted the day to go, and then told us to take off our hats, bow our heads before saying the prayer. After he got that done, Mr Burt said the year seven and eight students could leave first following by the years 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1.

Walking from oldest to youngest down to the Pt, the beautiful view of the glittering water surprised me as the other people ran around chasing each other. I looked at the front of me and it seemed like there were thousands of people, and in my mind I thought that it was the whole school until I took a look behind and there were even more, it looked like they were all raging bulls chasing me all the way to the beach. After finally getting there I took off my bag and dropped it on the ground. I noticed that the grass was shiny and was like aye?, so I felt the ground and it was wet, in my mind I was like “oh no” then I picked up my bag and the bottom of it was damp. The whole school eventually joined at the Pt. The teachers told us to get into our class lines again and sit or kneel down on the wet grass. I chose to sit because at that time the grass was dry. We were given our talk by the principle and we were on our way but first we had to go with our class and pick a spot to dump our bags. After doing that we could go and play.

I didn't know what to do so I just sat down, my friend Joshua came past and said “come” so I went with him and he we went onto the beach and started digging a tunnel like thing for the water to come into, so I started helping him. We did our best at digging but hardly no water was coming in and the reason why was because the tide was going out. So instead of wasting my time on nothing I went back up onto the grass to my bag. I got out some chips and ate them, then Joshua and some other boys came and started eating some of their lunch as well. I reached into my bag and grabbed the T-shirt that I had put in there before the picnic and replaced the school shirt with the one in my bag, and went looking for a game to play. As I was walking along the path I saw some of my other friends playing hit and roll, so I asked if I could play. They gave me a positive reply and I was the pitcher. I pitched a little bowl and the batter hit me a easy catch so I caught it and got him out. Hitting a couple of big and minor hits I got bored and went to play some thing else.

There was a lot of games to play but I didn't want to do any of them because I was to exhausted, and before I knew it a teacher walked up to me and said get ready where heading back to school now. In my head I was thinking “oh what we have to go back already”. Every class lined up their class lines and Mr Burt said his words then we were on our way back. The leaving was just like how we got there with people chasing people. I reached my class and the teacher Mrs Lagitupu said we could have free time on our net books for about 10 to 15 minutes. I thought the day was pretty cool and I enjoyed it. I want another picnic this year.

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