Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Archery and Wrestling

Brainstorm:,Strong,Focused,Stiff.bow and arrow.
1.The man precisely aimed at the target trying to get it.

2.As he puts his bow up the archer is trying to make his arrow soar through the air to get the target.

3.The archer is trying to win if not a gold then a medal.

4.The man is closely targeting the board.

5.The look on his face shows he is not playing around.


1.The chinese man with his big muscles got the Albanian man into submission hold.

2. Meanwhile the other man is trying to escape from this submission hold.

3.Their expression on their face shows that this was hard.

4.The man in the red clearly looks like hes is the dominant wrestler.

5.As they clinched their teeth this close battle still continues.

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Lepa said...

Hello Shawn ,

I like both your descriptions on the archer and the wrestling . You vocabulary was very well placed.
Keep your awesome work up !