Friday, September 14, 2012

What if I was poor

Aye mate how's it going, been quite a while since I as last managed to get in a house. So I as went to me mayte yeah and he has hooked it up wit box that he lives in. But the greedy chap got greedy yeah so I as to give him a hiding. So yea me did, an aidan walses over like he is the man, so me gives him a wallop round the head. But it all good coz da fulla yea, reckons it didn't hurt so yea me goes for a little stroll to da cuzzy matty ew is also a poor hara, ohh my bad where is me manners love, me forgot to mention we're all poor in da story. Den as I was told, dah cuzzy toko ew I as just met got hit by a truck that me dad was apparently driven. Anyway back to da cuzzy matty ew is in a little gang called da duck quackers yea, so I as gave him a korero bout dat love. After explaining um self I reckons it is all good yo coz them duck quackers are me mates to. Anywho I visits the cuzzy toko in hospital he was all good so me gapped it.

A couple of months have past now love and as I caught up with some of the homies all three of them. Aidan, Toko and matty all went to jail so I is all by me self out here and I is starting to cry.
So yeah the bros get out a couple of months later and me is so happy about it that me starts bawling me eyes out. But before all this poorness we were billionaires believe it or not love. Then the idiots get us into a stupid fight with the three top dogg gangs around, the warriors,Hi Hats and Baseball Furies. Anyway matty grabs a 12 gauge shotgun and shoots chatterbox the leader of the Hi Hats yeah and he drops down. So everyone gets all angus and we the boys or bros as one might prefer, goes home and that is the end to our saga.

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Jenny said...

Are you for real? Great persona.