Monday, November 12, 2012

Athletics Day

On Thursday the 8th of November Pt England School had our annual Athletics day. Getting ready for the day my legs start playing up and straight away I knew that it wasn't going away anytime soon. I was in Mrs Tele’as group and our first event was high jump. When we were lining up we had to line up on two sides.

I waited in the line to jump over the bar and then it quickly got to my turn. I ran up to the mat and leapt over with ease. Then as I lined up again the bar shot up high, and in my head I was thinking “aye that went up high straight away”. As I attempted to jump the bar a second time I luckily got over. But as I tried to do it again I failed with my last attempt following the same way.

Our 12.9+ team moved to the next event, the sprints. As we were told what to do we all lined up in a line with each boys and girls having two heats before the semi finals. “On your marks... set.... Bang!” was the last thing I heard as we sped off down the tracks. Running with a sore leg I looked to the left and was surprised to see that there were 2 people behind me. I finished the race and while limping off to the side I tried to not race again but I had to.

After that we did a couple more events. Before I knew it the day was over. In my head I was saying to myself “why did you run so much yesterday?” but even with sore legs I thought that the day was good and I still liked it.

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Nga Kaituhi o PES said...

It's great to see you enjoyed athletics Shawn. It's great having you back at school regularly again. Keep 'Striving to Succeed'.

Mrs Nua