Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Year 8 camp

Last week on tuesday the year 8’s arrived at school bright and early to leave for Ngaruawahias Christian Youth Camp. When we left on the bus the journey wasn’t too long but as the bus pulled up at the camping grounds, we unloaded the bus and we looked ahead to miss Nua awaiting further instructions. She noted that we had to find your own bags and take to the cabin with your name on it and then meet back up at the park at the front. After some more words from mrs nua we took off for a long walk up the mountain. Walking up was hard and exhausting and the part when it was time to come back down the hill was a big mission as well because the hill was very slippery and steep. When we got back to camp after hours of tramping it was time for dinner.

Munching back dinner and dessert we were instructed to go back to our cabins and get into your pjs and we weren't allowed to bring a pillow although we were allowed to bring a blanket for the movie that they were preparing. As I slowly strolled into the games room where the movies was going to be held I sat down with some friends and waited for the movie to start. Sadly the sound wasnt working but the teachers had a back up tv in the tv room upstairs, so everyone walked up the stairs into a little room. The movie was Nacho Libre and it was funny. After halfway through the movie, the teacher stopped it because it was late and we had to go to sleep.

Day 2 at camp and we did a couple of activities before we had a morning tea break. After that we had more lunch and it was pizza. Later on we went down to the gym me and my team and we played some basketball. Then once again it was time for dinner and soon it was time for bed.

Days 3 and 4 kinda turned out the same the only difference was that we had to come home back to Auckland, but before this happened the year eights went to Waingaro hot springs and had a swim and a turn on the hydroslides.

back in Auckland and I thought that camp was cool. I like Ngaruawahia and I would like to go back there one day to the campsite.

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