Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Tesseract

The year was 5012. In a town called Vissurge lived a man who hid with a sniper rifle, killing anyone who came into sight. No one knew where or why this man hid. Afraid of being killed, all the citizens ran and got out of Vissurge. His aim like every other villain. To get within reach and eventually take hold of the most powerful weapon imaginable. The Tesseract.

The army was called in to hunt down this man but no one could find him. Then suddenly the ground started shaking and every building in the city fell to the ground. The mysterious sniper man was killed. A new enemy to the public armed with only a powerful Sledge hammer came to his world from outer space in search of the Tesseract. The only thing keeping his world from being destroyed. His leader demanded that the Tesseract had to be returned at once, but after a couple of months it didn't show. That’s why he sent down his strongest and mightiest warrior “Thor”. He searched high and low, day after day, with no luck. Then suddenly a strike of hope. A blue laser shot up into the sky. Thor knew straight away who the person was who had stuffed it up. “The only reason the weapon did that was because someone had used it wrong” Thor mumbled with a determined look on his face.

While jumping, leaping and sprinting towards the blue checkpoint, he was stopped 10 metres short by his own blood brother from the same world and army. Spongebob. “What are you doing!” Thor angrily shouted. “Stopping you from taking what's mine!” Spongebob said with an evil grin. Spongebob struck Thor with the Tesseract instantly killing him. Spongebob thought it was all over, so he ran. He ran continuously day and night till the point that he started flying.

The leader that no one knew his name flew down right in front of Spongebob and the Tesseract. Spongebob shot at him but he summoned a force field saying him from being struck. He jumped up and hooked Spongebob in the face knocking him down, the leader picked up the Tesseract while he could and killed Spongebob, although he thought. The Tesseract along with the leader returned to their world saving it from self destruction.

“I shall return” Spongebob said.


Joshua said...

Hi Shawn,

I really like your story. You have some really powerful vocab like summoned and force field that make your story interesting and it draws your audiences attention. Keep up the great work.

God Bless,
From Joshua

Toko @ Pt England school said...

kia Ora Shawn

I really like this story because its really cool because there a lot of interesting characters in there like Spongebob and Thor. The story was really funny and i hope to see more.

God Bless
From Toko

flora T said...