Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Special Place

My special place is my dads truck because it has taken me all around the north island of new zealand and I like riding in it. Another reason why I like the truck is because I like looking out the window at the view as we ride past the mountains and sites like the big L&P bottle in paeroa and the big dog shed in Tirau. Thats just another reason why the truck is my special place but one more reason is that whenever i'm hungry I can just ask my dad to pull over and get something to eat and whenever I ask my attempt is usually successful.

The artist that I have decided to paint my artwork in is Henri matisse. The reason I choose to do my painting in the style of matisse is because I like the style of fauvism. Fauvism uses bright bold colours and I liked that idea so I chose it. The colours red, blue and green usually come into Henri matisse artwork and when I saw his paintings I wanted to copy or try to copy in that style. Originally I was going to paint my work in the style of Claude Monet but once I actually started painting, my use of mostly bright colours made me change to Henri Matisse.                                        

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